Dragonfly Guitars


Dragonfly Guitars designs are rooted in tradition while also embracing innovative design concepts and modern technologies. They are exceptionally beautiful sounding and looking instruments that are unique, comfortable and enticing to play and that will ultimately inspire you to express your musical artistry.

The most noticeable innovative feature on my guitars is the heel-less neck joint. This unique joint coupled with a bolt-on connection provides a low profile, solid and reversible joint with outstanding comfort and improved upper fret access. My designs all tend toward the smaller side, so while still providing big, full sound, they are easier and more comfortable to play.

Other ergonomic (body friendly) features are available as well. The first is a bent wood arm bevel at the corner where your right arm comes across the guitar. This type of arm bevel is more subtle visually than either the Ryan or Laskin style bevel minimally altering the guitars outline. I also offer the Manzer wedge as an option (thick at the treble side, thinner at the bass side) which reduces the thickness of the guitar under the picking arm, tilts the soundboard up slightly directing more sound towards the player. An oval sound-port is available on all my instruments.